My Eportfolio is a revolutionary tracking and assessing tool for teacher training


Quote_IconA really great tool that helped update and streamline our process of tracking trainees when in school

Dr Elizabeth White, Head of School Direct Routes into teaching

Quote_IconThe recent introduction of a computer-based facility is providing a wealth of data to monitor the individual progress of trainees


CloudRemote Access

The eportfolio is hosted in the cloud which means it can be accessed from anywhere (home, university, school)

UsersMultiple users

Trainees can add multiple users to the eportfolio to view their work remotely including mentors and tutors

StudyAssess against Teacher Standards

Trainees can be assessed completely online using the Teacher Standards

 SearchTrack  progress

Easily track progress against the different assessment points and identify areas for development

EPenxternal moderation

Can be efficiently carried out once assessment is completed

ResourcesResource folders

Resource folders can be added to allow trainees to access information and documents

Watch a brief overview of the eportfolio